Laser marking of T-MAP sensors

Laser Marking of T-MAP Sensors

  • Six types of products
  • Replaceable shaped beddings including coding
  • Trumph Laser
  • Waste produce suction
  • Extracting and manipulating the product with grippers
  • Sorting of OK/NOK pieces/articles
  • Hanedashi system
Automatic screw feeder

Automatic Screw Feeder

  • Automatic screw feeding device for a manual screwdriver
Automatic application of final labels

Automatic Application of Final Labels

  • Transfer/conveyor system with Stein pallets
  • Automatic application of the labels on the Climatronic unit
  • 2D codes scanning by the Cognex scanner
  • Communication with the principal data collection system and line operation
  • ESD (antistatic) modification
Cover for a hydraulic testing workstation

Cover for a Hydraulic Testing Workstation

  • Frame for the hydraulic tester unit
  • Stainless panels
  • Stainless catch basins
  • Sliding cover door


  • Protective fencing of a production area of a hydraulic unit
  • Combination of shatter-proof glass and metal sheet fillings
  • Sliding, pneumatically controlled door
  • Safety sensors on the door
  • Floor tie frames
  • Tailor-made design including alignment
Universal table for testing adaptors

Universal Table for Testing Adaptors

  • Universal frame for testing devices
  • Mechanically adjustable height of the table
  • Simatic S7-300, including a control panel
  • Electro-equipment including Harting connectors
Automatic extraction line for jelly products

Automatic Extraction Line for Jelly Products

  • Handling device for an automatic extraction of trays from Euro pallets
  • Automatic sorting into 2 lines
  • Gravity conveyors
  • BOSCH REXROTH conveyors – Vario Flow system (linked chain)
  • Conveyor speed regulation
  • Automatic sorting of full trays
  • Automatic tray stocking into 4 stacks
  • Application for a dusty environment (sugar dust)
  • Application for food industry
  • Saving 75% of workforce
  • BOSCH REXROTH servodrives