Assembly/Mounting Devices

a device for gluing logo on a car key including a camera control system – Volvo

A Device for Gluing Logo on a Car Key Including a Camera Control System – Volvo

  • Coded replaceable shaped beddings for 2 types of products
  • Automatic glue dispensing and application
  • Automatic application of the logo on the key
  • Camera control of successful application
screwdriving workstation – Opel Zafira headlight

Screwdriving Workstation – Opel Zafira Headlight

  • Manual assembly workstation
  • Atlas Copco pneumatic screwdriver
  • Torque monitoring and evaluation, screw number checkup
  • The products are placed in pallets on a BOSCH REXROTH TS2 plus transfer system
  • Ionizing air blower
Manual assembly workstation – Ford Focus rear lamp

Manual Assembly Workstation – Ford Focus Rear Lamp

  • Manual assembly workstation
  • Automatic product setting in the bedding
  • Atlas Copco pneumatic screwdriver
  • Torque monitoring and evaluation, screw number checkup
  • Revolving jig for 2 types of products
Gear moulding device – Ford Fiesta headlight

Gear Moulding Device – Ford Fiesta Headlight

  • Manual semi-automatic assembly workstation
  • Gear mounting including control of correct position
  • Replaceable jig
  • Ionizing air blower
  • Output label printing
A device for semi-automatic glass mounting – BMW headlight

A Device for Semi-Automatic Glass Mounting – BMW Headlight

  • Semi-automatic device for moulding headlight glass into the lamp body
  • Bosch Rexroth TS2 plus transfer system
  • Anti-jamming regulation
  • Automatic identification of the product version
  • Bar code scanning
  • Automatic moulding with a final verification of the operation success
  • Communication with the data collection system
Mounting of the Climatronic unit – VW, Skoda, Seat

Mounting of the Climatronic Unit – VW, Skoda, Seat

  • Manual mounting of the Climatronic display and the DPS unit
  • Common bedding for 3 types of products
  • 2D codes scanning
  • Automatic clinching (twisting of metal sheet nibs) during the display mounting
  • Adjustable rotation angle
  • Communication with the principal data collection system and line operation
  • Camera test of the display's functionality
  • Ergonomic micro logistics – material supply
  • Permanently active ionizing air blower
  • ESD (antistatic) modification
mounting of a radio with navigation system – VW Phaeton

Mounting of a Radio with Navigation System – VW Phaeton

  • Manual workstation in the spirit of the VW Phaeton manufacture
  • Deprag hand held screwdriver with an automatic screw feed system
  • Screwdriving mask with 3-jawed guiding cases
  • Screwdriving according to the requested succession with a screwdriving position checkup
  • Camera test in a dark box
  • DPS and cover lid mounting
  • Communication with the principal data collection system and traceability
  • Manual DMX code reader
  • ESD (antistatic) modification
Workstation for gluing and UV hardening of fuel sensors

Workstation for Gluing and UV Hardening of Fuel Sensors

  • Fuel sensor assembly
  • Automatic glue dispensing using metering valve
  • UV hardening
  • Hanedashi system
welding device

Welding Device

  • Ultrasonic welding of temperature sensors
  • PECO welding machine
  • Hanedashi system
  • Electrically adjustable worktable height
BMW door locks riveting station

BMW Door Locks Riveting Station

  • Automatic riveting station
  • Products transferred in pallets
  • BOSCH REXROTH TS2 plus transfer system